Tables Fashion

Tables Fashion are collection of live edge wood epoxy river tables.
Unique tables in fine solid wood finished with transparent or colored epoxy resins. Every single table created is a unique piece in shape, ripples, veins, colors and shades of the wood.

The Selection of Wood
The creation of the Tables Fashion begins with the selection of fine solid wood, obtained from the innermost part of the tree trunk, the most precious and resistant one.

Tables Fashion Live Edge Wood Epoxy Table

With the addition of transparent and colored epoxy resins, we create tops with a unique design and of the highest quality, resistant and suitable for the creation of tables for all environments.

Tables Fashion Wood Epoxy Table

Making unique tables means choosing unique pieces for the shape, ripples, veins, colors and shades of the wood.
Dining tables, consoles, coffee tables and outdoor tables, in modern style to satisfy each taste and need of all our customers.

Live Edge Resin Table handmade in Italy

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